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September 2014

What Escort Work is and What it is Not

During my search for valuable and quality escort blogs I came across the following text, which was written by Amanda Brooks, a former escort, who became an author. She has written a couple of books on the topic, which I find highly interesting. She also manages an up-to-date blog about the industry and has a …
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Sexual Humiliation, Bondage and Role-play

I was called the other day for a job which involved humiliation and role game in public. This was the first time that I did such a thing in front of other people, and I think it went very well for that matter. Obviously, we discussed with the client before the game started what he …
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Another satisfied client

Today I wanted to write a post on my own, but when I opened my mailbox I found the following message in it. This feedback has been posted on “Captain69” by a very dear Gentleman, with whom I had a very pleasant date the other day. This kind comment has truly made my day, and …
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TER – The Erotic Review (www.theeroticreview.com)

This post is a bit different from the others, because this writing contains not my own words and story. Yes, you might call it self marketing, but I enjoyed reading this review  (with a big smile on my face) and I felt it could be useful to share with those interested in reading about erotic …
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Never too old to learn new skills – Massage Course

I am very happy and pleased to announce that I signed up for a massage course. My goal is not to become a professional massage therapist, but I rather aim to use my new skills to enhance my already existing knowledge in this field. When I am with a client it is my outmost concern …
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