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Another satisfied client

Today I wanted to write a post on my own, but when I opened my mailbox I found the following message in it. This feedback has been posted on “Captain69” by a very dear Gentleman, with whom I had a very pleasant date the other day. This kind comment has truly made my day, and I thought I would share it on my blog as well. I love doing what I do for exactly moments like this. I truly believe, that girls like me enhance peoples’ life in a positive way. Thank you very much for the kind words, dear!

Enjoy readying my short post!



"I met Eline the other day for a much too short (two hour) date. Unfortunately I didn't have more time. My first impression in the hotel lobby was that of a tall, beautiful, stylishly dressed and self-confident lady walking up to me and kissing me on both cheeks as if we were old friends. We went up to my room where we had a glass of wine and chatted away. Saying that social time is pleasant with Eline would be an understatement: she has a lively, down to earth and extremely pleasant personality and a great sense of humour. There never was a dull moment and time past much too fast. Conversation with Eline is easy, fun and stimulating. We had a great time and we nearly forgot about the other reason for being together.

Eline is very open minded and not shy at all. She loves sex and makes sure you get full satisfaction. I don't want to go into graphic details but just say that she is a sensual and passionate lover who knows how to make a man happy. She also seeks her own pleasure and to see her reach her climax is a sight to remember. Private time with Eline was wonderful.

Will I see Eline again? I certainly hope so and for a longer period next time!! Highly recommended."