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This post is a bit different from the others, because this writing contains not my own words and story. Yes, you might call it self marketing, but I enjoyed reading this review  (with a big smile on my face) and I felt it could be useful to share with those interested in reading about erotic secrets of others.

A dear gentleman added me to “The Erotic Review” website along with the below stated description about our date. I am very glad that he had such a great time with me, and I have to admit, that I enjoyed our rendez-vous just as much as he did. I am grateful for the kindness and appreciation that surrounds me every day!

Enjoy this reading and log into the website to see other reviews about different ladies living in different parts of the world.


Eline is very professional in her approach. We arranged our meeting several days in advance. I was only staying one night in Zurich so I did not have flexibility in dates and wanted to make sure I had a first class escort. Eline is surely that. We exchanged texts after my arrival to Zurich confirming the hotel and time. Normally Eline wants final confirmation of room number. In my case we agreed to meet in the lobby of my hotel. Although she is normally very punctual, I could tell, she was about ten minutes late, but warned me in advance of transportation issues she had so it was no big deal. I waited for her in the lobby and when she walked in I was amazed.

She looks like a really stylish young lady, She had a short dress on and red high-heeled shoes, but at the same time it looked very sophisticated and upscale. Eline was very mature in her presence, but at the same time she looks quite young. Although she is 30, she looks like less than 25. She has a beautiful face and could be a model. She told me later that her mother was a model. She also has a certain grace about her appearance and how she walks. I was very impressed. We kissed and she sat down for a bit. She was instantly very friendly and talkative, the kind of woman that is very easy to get along with.


We went upstairs to my room where we continued to talk. She has had an interesting life already and we exchanged our life stories for a while over a couple of glasses of wine. She was very attentive and listened to my stories in an engaging manner.

Then we got down to it. She took of her dress to reveal a very sexy corset. She had stockings on her long legs. She looked amazingly sexy in her lingerie. We started by kissing. She is a great kisser and I moved across her body as well.
She started to go down on me. She gives a really great blowjob. She sucked on my balls for a while which I really enjoy.
Then I got down on her. I had told her previously that I liked toys so she brought some dildos and a vibrator with her. We played with the vibrator on her as well. I believe she came at that time. Eline enjoys sex and is mostly clitoral.
We did several different positions including missionary, doggy, and cowgirl. She does a really nice cowgirl tease of the cock. I was almost ready to come then. But I wanted to do more. Then we went to the bench seat on my hotel window. The window was large and open and I enjoy doing it in the window where others can see us. We did it doggy style with her against the window. It was certainly a display if anyone was watching. We were only on the 8th floor so it would have been quite a view from the street. The thought of proper Swiss folks looking up and seeing us fuck in the window gave me an extra thrill. Then we went back to the bed. Some more missionary and then I came out and while kissing her with a hand job I came all over her breasts.

We spoke some more about life and other things and then she departed. I would definitely meet with Eline again, and I highly recommend her for people looking for a GFE.”