My rates apply for the previously agreed timeframe that we spend together and not for “certain” services. Please note, that these rates are only relevant in my home area (Zurich). For appointments taking place further than 30 km from Zurich, an additional travel expense will be charged. For exact escort prices in that case please contact me via email or telephone.

My rates and the travel expenses are not negotiable. Thank you!

For duration not listed in the table I kindly ask you to contact me for an exact offer.

Cocktails up to 2 hours800 CHF
Dinner or Lunch up to 4 hours1200 CHF
Dinner or Lunch up to 6 hours1600 CHF
Romantic Rendez-vous up to 14 hours2400 CHF
The perfect day 24 hours3000 CHF
Weekend trip up to 48 hours4500 CHF