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Escort Experience

Booking a high class escort service indicates that the client will receive an exceptional and professional service in return. Naturally, hiring an independent companion has its advantages. Firstly, you can get to know the chosen service provider a bit better before the actual date takes place. You may speak to her or exchange a few emails before the meeting. Your special desires and requests and even your sexual fantasies can be discussed beforehand, hence to avoid any misunderstanding and disappointment. dinner with escort Secondly, on this niveau you can expect to receive what you actually booked. Nothing is more annoying than booking a fake escort model. That is why my photo gallery is frequently updated. This way you can make sure that the pictures are not old and they represent me credible and show my current appearance.

When you book an independent escort for the first time, I am sure you have thousands of questions in your mind. You might wonder about her personality and appearance, what topics you will be talking about, how smart she is, how funny she is and so on. To help you clarify some of these doubts please read the following about what to expect when you choose me to become your companion for the night.

Great experience
When you decide to establish a date with a call girl, you expect to have a great experience. I believe it is very important for both participants to prepare well for the upcoming rendezvous. Therefore, a clean and put-together appearance if very important, not to mention the proper hygiene. When you meet me, I can guarantee that I will bring my best Top form. My outfit is always corresponding the event, I avoid wearing too flashy outfits that reveal too much of the good stuff. My look is always elegant and stylish. I believe discretion is important for us to have a great time without showing the world too much. This principle applies to my behaviour as well. Good manners during dinner, theatre or movie visit are essential for me, and I expect the same in return. Clients who cannot control their drinking habit, speak too loud, demonstrate bad manners towards me or others or show up in a unacceptable outfit/condition will certainly not belong to my circle of regular guests.

Reliability and honesty
I take all dates seriously and I prepare for them equally well. I like to be on time and arrive to our meeting without delay, which I also expect from you. Do not start out with our precious time together with bitter feelings. Furthermore, as being a reliable and honest person I highly respect your personal belongings, valuables, laptops, mobile phones or any other objects and cash. Should you invite me to your home or hotel room, you can be sure that all those things are safe and will not be touched by me. The same is true for your personal data, name, telephone number, email address, credit card number or anything else you might share with me will never be handed out to a third party. That is a major principle and represents my life philosophy as well.

As I have previously mentioned, secrecy is one of my priorities and not just regarding the outside, but the inside as well. What do I mean by then? First of all, if there is any topic that you would not like to discuss with me, I will respect that fully and will not bring it up again during our time together. Questions about your your religion, age, profession, family, marriage status, financial state etc. are none of my concern or business, so I will not ask you directly about it, unless you wish to talk about them. However, that does not mean that you can ask me questions that I am not totally comfortable with. Please respect each other’s private sector. Another sensitive question is “how far to go in public?” Wild kissing, touching, playing under the table just to mention a few are not something I wish to do in a restaurant, bar or any other public place. I appreciate a gentleman who knows that everything has its proper place and time.

dinner with escortIndelible private time
After a nice aperitif or dinner, we might treasure some private time together in your room. This is the place for the wild kissing, touching, petting and much more. Without giving a list of activities about what I would or would not do in the bedroom, I can guarantee that we will have a very enjoyable, fantastic and sensual time together! My playful and experimenter self will definitely come out of its shell and make sure to bring you to the seventh heaven!