Escort Experience

Booking a high class escort provider suggests the delivery of a highly professional service.

Naturally, hiring an independent companion has its advantages.

Firstly, the client may get to know the chosen service provider better before the first meeting takes place. He can speak to her on the phone or exchange a few emails before the date. Hence, any special request, sexual desire and wish of the client can be discussed beforehand. This is an excellent way to avoid misunderstanding and/or disappointment.

Secondly, booking a high level of escort service ensures that the client will meet the person represented on the website, because nothing is more upsetting than to book a fake model. That is why my photo gallery is frequently updated.

When a client books an independent escort for the first time, I am sure he has thousands of questions in his mind. He might wonder about her personality and appearance, what topics they will be talking about, how smart she is, how funny she is and so on. In the following paragraphs I will give you a hint about what you will be receiving if you choose me to be your high class companion.

Great Experience

Establishing a date with a call girl calls for an uncomplicated and satisfying experience. I believe it can be easily achieved if both participants prepare themselves well for the upcoming rendezvous. Therefore, a clean and put-together appearance is essential, not to mention the proper hygiene. When you book me, I can guarantee to present myself in the best possible way. My outfit is always corresponding with the event, and it is never too flashy or revealing. I like wearing elegant and stylish dresses (such as the classic little black dress) with high heels and luxurious and seducing lingerie. Should you have any special request concerning my outfit I am happy to appear accordingly.

Reliability and Honesty

I take all dates seriously and I prepare for them equally well. I am a punctual person and I arrive to our meeting always on time.

Being a reliable and honest person I highly respect your personal belongings and all your valuables. Should you invite me to your home or hotel room, you can be sure that all those things are safe. The same principle applies for your personal data and information that you may share with me during our encounter. Surely nothing will be handed out to a third party.


Discretion should not only be applied by the choice of outfit but also by the choice of behaviour. I believe that demonstrating good manners during dinner or at any event is required from both of us. I am so grateful for my well groomed, respectful and loving clientele and I appreciate them to a high level.
I normally avoid asking too many personal questions and like to remain discrete during our conversations. Your religion, political views, financial status, job title etc. are none of my business or concern. Respect each other’s private sector and let us only talk about topics that are comfortable for both of us.

Moreover, I expect discrete attitude while we are in public. For instance, kissing, touching, playing under the table are not something I wish to do in a restaurant, bar or any other public place. I appreciate a gentleman who knows that everything has its proper place and time.

Please take a moment to get familiar with my Client Etiquette. Or read this blog post to fully understand the Rules of the Game.

Remarkable private time

Enjoying private time and engaging in sexual activities naturally belongs to the range of escort services. After a drink or a romantic dinner together we might want to enjoy each others company in a more private setting.
Without giving a list of activities about what we are going to do in the bedroom, I can guarantee a very exciting, fantastic and sensual time spent together! My playful and experimental self will surely come out of its shell to pamper you and to fulfil every little sexual desires of yours.