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Meet Eline, your Zurich escort

Hello Gentlemen and welcome to my website! I am glad you have found my personal webpage and it is my pleasure to introduce myself to you.

First and fore mostly, I would like you to understand my personal philosophy about being a high-class escort and the purpose of creating this website. My initial aim is to offer highly entertaining as well as sensual escort service for gentlemen, who have the desire and the ability to accept it. Being an independent escort spices up my daily life in a very pleasurable way. As I enjoy being a part time escort my priority is to make each date as memorable and enjoyable as possible for both of us. Therefore, my goal is not to absolve as many rendezvous as possible. That is why I am rather selective with the type of men I decide to meet. Personal harmony and mutual sympathy plays an important role for me, because I believe these are essential requirements for an unforgettable date.

My service includes special moments with an extraordinary woman, who is passionate and open minded enough to make even your wildest fantasies come true.

In addition, I provide highly professional and exclusive escort service to diverse events in Zurich or in other Swiss or international destinations. For example, I am happy to accompany you to a romantic dinner, theatre visit, weekend getaway or to any other event of your choice. Presumably, there are endless possibilities to come up with. I admire a gentleman who knows exactly what he wants and who has the desire to fully enjoy his life. I prefer down to earth, funny and respectful guys. Age is for me nothing but an indicator of life experience and I generally prefer mature men as clients.

Furthermore, my main priority is safety, discretion and preserving each other’s dignity and well-being. I am a valuable and intelligent woman and I wish to entertain likewise emotionally and academically intellectual men and couples. I show great respect towards my clients and I expect similarly respectful treatment in return.

If my escort philosophy is appealing to you and you wish to get to know me a little bit better than you are more than welcome to study the other sections of my personal webpage as well. Maybe you want to start right at my photo galleries .

I am looking forward to meeting you soon in person!



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My Summer Vacation

To celebrate the summer of 2019 I am taking on a three weeks travel adventure starting now,
and I will be absent until the 11th August.

During this time you may contact me via E-MAILS only, however, I won’t be able to take on escort dates.