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Never too old to learn new skills – Massage Course

massageI am very happy and pleased to announce that I signed up for a massage course. My goal is not to become a professional massage therapist, but I rather aim to use my new skills to enhance my already existing knowledge in this field. When I am with a client it is my outmost concern that he feels luxuriously pampered and fully satisfied. I have already practised massage during the date, normally this is how I close our shared intimate time. Now I am hoping that by learning some new moves and acquiring professional techniques, I will be able to perform much better!

Naturally, my kind of massage includes some body-to-body movements with using sensual oils and lotions, erotic touches and of course a much needed “happy end”. In my opinion, receiving a massage can be a very good form of total relaxation and rejuvenation. We all live in a hectic environment, many of us work in double duty. Our body and mind was not created for such an overload. Love yourself and give yourself a little break! If we see each other next time, I am very much willing to spoil you -both mentally and physically- to the fullest.massage_oil

During the lessons we are learning a lot of practical knowledge and little anatomy. The members of the class are in groups, so everyone gets to practice on real people, and everyone gets to experience the sensation of each and every movement. During the class, the only question in my mind was: “how am I going to spice up these traditional moves to fit them into my session?” I already have some ideas in head.


I am looking forward to spoil my dear Gentlemen with this newly learned passion of mine.