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March 2018

When a long-term Relationship Becomes Harmful

Sometimes I wonder wether a long term relationship does more harm than good to a person. This realisation came when I met a person, called Andrew. He was an attractive, confident and fairly young man in his mid-forties. He booked me hoping to spend a sexually pleasing time with an escort lady. Andrew knowingly reached …
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My Tantra Experience

Almost exactly a year ago I completed a week long tantra seminar in Germany. Even though I heard a lot about this sensual massage technique before, I did fully understand the real meaning of it. I was determined to try something new to spice up my services and possibly implant the newly learned techniques into …
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When prostitution wasn’t a crime

In many societies any form of prostitution is legally a crime. We all know that the paid exchange of sexual services has always been present and available for the participants. I personally think that it is not a crime and people who engage in this activity in some form, should not be demonised or stigmatised by …
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