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October 2014

Feedback from Alej

This post is very dear to me, because it involves a very special person. Although, I know him very little, yet I feel he is already a very significant person in my life. He is someone I will remember for a long time for sure. This post is dedicated to his reflection on our date. …
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Misconceptions about Clients

Recently, I have posted an article about the misconceptions surrounding escorts and the industry generally. Now I would like to take a look at the other side of the coin. If there are myths about escorts, I am sure there are misconceptions and misbeliefs about the men who pay for this service as well. As …
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Sex workers in Canada: 17 interesting facts from a new report

Researchers have released what’s being called the first national report on the sex industry in Canada—and some of its findings may surprise you. The working paper, whose lead author is Cecilia Benoit of the University of Victoria, will be discussed at an international symposium in Ottawa on September 22 and 23. It’s based on five …
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