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Misconceptions about Clients

Recently, I have posted an article about the misconceptions surrounding escorts and the industry generally. Now I would like to take a look at the other side of the coin. If there are myths about escorts, I am sure there are misconceptions and misbeliefs about the men who pay for this service as well. As I started thinking about the topic, I came up with eight misconceptions about clients. These are mainly my ideas and opinions based on personal experience, so I am sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings with this little categorization. So let us see what are the major myths surrounding the clientele of this service.

1.They just want sex
This is absolutely not true. Based on my experience, men are more likely to pay for good companionship than merely for having sex. Well, I am not saying that sex is not part of the deal, but in my opinion, people who just want to have sexual pleasure are more likely to visit a brothel than to book an (often pricy) escort. Clients looking to book an escort most probably expect to have a quality date filled with pleasant conversations. Sex takes up just a small part of the time spent together.

2. They are old and unattractive
This misconception is false as well. None of the men I have seen so far were either old, or unattractive. On the contrary: I am really impressed sometimes by the appearance and tidiness of the clients. Of course, if an escort works at a higher price range, she automatically sets a filter to screen the target audience. Men who can afford a more expensive date, are more likely to be selective in other aspects of life too.

3. They are only attracted to artificial boobs, blond hair extensions, and Barbie-doll like women
This statement is not true either. Men like ladies with natural beauty and they appreciate women who are blessed with natural curves, sexy charm and playful mind-set. I personally know men who are even turned down by fake boobs, lips and hair. Not to mention other modified body parts. Highly successful and intelligent gentlemen do not necessarily want to sit in a restaurant with a dull plastic doll and “advertise” to the world that he is paying right now for this rendezvous.

4. They treat escorts as sex toys
This can be partly true, but not necessarily. There are men out there, who really would like to live out their fantasies and that is mainly their motivation to book a call girl. If the lady agrees to fulfil the wish, it is a win-win situation. However, it is always a two-way road. I think having a sexual adventure together, which is okay for both parties, is not using someone as a sexual toy. Married clients, or those are in firm relationships are not always getting what they really want at home. They might be shy with their partners, and feel embarrassed to reveal their real sexual desires. Probably it is easier for them to tell a stranger about their fantasies, and make them come true.

5. They always want new escorts
This statement is partly true. Men are hunters, and they are “designed” that way. Some men are driven by the urge to get as many females as possible. Booking different and multiple escorts allow them to get to know many different women with diverse backgrounds, looks and personalities. I think many men love this experience and they are always on the search of finding the perfect woman. As we know, nobody is perfect, so the seek goes on forever. However, “old-fashioned” clients, once they find a suitable match tend to stick with the choice and give up looking for a new one. At the end of the day, booking an escort is not a lifetime commitment to a person, so why not try many different options?

6. They go for the cheaper options and want to bargain the rates
Absolutely not true. Clients who have the financial freedom to make a more pricy choice will always go for the more expensive option. They believe that the “quality” will be also higher, and the chosen lady will be more beautiful, stylish and professional. I also find rude and disrespectful to dispute the rates. I find it such a turndown, that I would not even consider going out with a person like that, especially if it happens right at the first time. An escort is offering her time, consideration and others services, which should be paid according to her wish, and it should never be a question of what the client is “ready to offer” for a date. This service is not based on “helping” a woman; it is a legal activity in many countries, just as any other profession on the job market.

7. They do not care about the feelings of the escort
It is not true. I think many men naturally have the desire to comfort the lady and show her appreciation and kindness. Many men would ask prior a rendezvous about the preference of the escort, just as he would with his “significant other”. Clients consider what the escort wishes to do, and what she does not. They like to make sure, that she is feeling all right and having a good time too, because it has key importance for them to enjoy the date themselves.

8. They use drugs
Honestly, it is such a crazy belief, that I am not going to write too much about it. Clients rarely use drugs during a (paid) date, their motivation is not very much to find a drug user woman to take company in consuming drugs. As I elaborated above why and how clients approach the philosophy of this service, I believe that drug abuse is not an issue. It is far more likely to get involved with drugs at a course of a simple disco or festival visit, than when keeping company of a gentleman.