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Feedback from Alej

This post is very dear to me, because it involves a very special person. Although, I know him very little, yet I feel he is already a very significant person in my life. He is someone I will remember for a long time for sure.

This post is dedicated to his reflection on our date. His opinion about me is very much heart-warming to me. I wanted to publish this review on my website in its full length, with no one single change.

I appreciate the fact that real gentlemen come into my life at unexpected moments, under unexpected circumstances. I believe that true gentlemen are the dearest creations of God and they are “made in” difference height, weight, ethnicity and age. I was very much carried away by the intelligence, kindness and wisdom of this man, despite his young age of only 30.

Alej, you might “jokingly say” that this date was a “torturous experience” for me, but let me tell you here: I truly enjoyed this date as well my dear, and I hope very much to see you again soon!


"My date with Eline,
I lost my virginity to Eline… at the ripe old age of 30. Of all escorts in the three cities that I regularly work in, I chose her as ‘The One’. It was doubtless a tortuous date for her, and highly embarrassing for me. But it will always remain one of my fondest memories.

Whilst growing up, I had developed a mental block against the idea of having sex with ‘just anyone’. I believed that the physical act was less important than the intellectual and emotional connection that one should form with even a casual contact before reaching intimacy. But I could never build any such bond with the ladies whom I met previously.
Rather than degrade my sense of self-worth, I was quite prepared to remain chaste forever if nobody likable came along. Fortunately, my professional life made up for what I missed privately, and I spent some tough but very satisfying years focusing on it.

In summer 2014, I chanced upon Eline’s website and was immediately impressed by how she had the courage to present herself as a Person, and not merely an Object. Other escorts offered various services (often explicitly) but revealed precious little about their personalities. Eline was different. Her blog posts were strikingly well written and betrayed more than a hint of pointed wit. After testing her patience over many emails, to which she always responded with a cautious good humour, I set up a date.
As the time approached, I decided that if at any stage during our meeting I did not honestly respect the person I was with, I would immediately walk away. Naturally, Eline too would enjoy that same choice. To ensure that I was not making a mistake in what could be a life-changing date, I planned to spend the first two hours only chatting about topics of mutual interest. That would allow both of us to get a fair measure of the other, and offer a chance to escape if either felt like doing so. It helped that Eline and myself genuinely had some common hobbies, which we could talk about.
Eline was punctual to the minute at the rendezvous. On first seeing her, I was astonished at how she looked every bit as beautiful as her pictures. But then, that was only the surface… During our date, I also found Eline to possess an extremely rare combination of physical beauty, high intelligence and social grace that one almost never finds in just a single person. She was always courteous, and scrupulous in living up to the standards of her advertising while also being forthright in articulating her own preferences.

Being a novice, I bungled my way through our date. Eline did not comment, although at my prompting she later admitted that I seemed rather amateurish. I had not told her that it was my first time, because I did not want her to feel obliged to make the occasion ‘special’. So Eline innocently approached our date as though it was just another appointment with a new client, allowing me to appreciate just how diligently she works to provide full satisfaction to all her ‘friends’ regardless of familiarity. She made the event seem totally natural. For me, that was an important part of what made it special.

Afterward, rather than honestly tell me that she would have had a better time getting intimate with a porcupine, Eline complimented me on a couple of my minor physical attributes. Were she not so unfailingly polite as a person, I could even have taken her praise seriously. But Eline is so much more than just a social delight - she is a consummate professional. She works with the same focus that a high-skilled technician brings to a laboratory research project, the only difference being that she does it with a charm and finesse that would warm the heart of even the coldest ‘subject’.

Eline Collins is many things: a beautiful Lady, a great conversationalist and a razor-sharp intellect. But perhaps most important of all to me personally: on my first-time ever, she was simply a beautiful Soul with whom I was lucky to spend a few magical moments. Of the many dozens of escort profiles that I checked before approaching her, she seemed by far the best. After our date, I went my way feeling that I had made absolutely the correct decision in waiting 30 years for this amazing Lady."

Readers please note: In case it appears as though I am overly biased in favour of Eline, on account of her being my first escort experience, please let me say this - I confidently challenge anyone to find another escort who is as professional, as courteous and as decent a human being as she is. Eline is truly one of a kind, and discerning gentlemen could save themselves a lot of effort if they accept this fact rather than traipse around Europe (as I often have done) meeting other ladies while trying to disprove it.