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July 2014

Why to take on an “Escort Experience” ?

Let us assume that all escorts are professional, fun, well educated and open minded. If that all is true, what can possibly go wrong? There are so many advantages of giving it a shot and call that number. I encourage men who hesitate to call an escort to try. This short post aims to summarize …
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Not just a call girl

All individuals are one of a kind in their own. Perhaps you have heard about this statement. We humans all want to be special and unique… and yet we are very much alike. This should be reflected in our work, attitude, and style as well. My job is to be outstanding, professional and one of …
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My brand new escort blog

I am so excited to take on something totally new. I have always wanted to write my own blog. After all, I used to be good at writing at school, but of course I did not have the liberty and confidence to write about topics that are really interesting to me, other than school papers …
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