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Oooppsss, We Did it Again! Office Sex Part 2

One of the most exciting sexual experience took place in Derek’s office in a crowded institute. As an escort girl you may end up having sex at unusual places. This is part of the job and I actually really love these little adventures. I often thought about this event and secretly wished for it to happen again. The possibility of being caught by one of his co-workers made the whole affair even more sexy and stimulating. You may read the whole story here.

I was going about my work day as usual when a short message appeared on my phone. It was from Derek and the message was short and pretty straightforward: “I am so horny, but stuck in the office. Wish you were here!” At first, I was hesitating to answer, as I was not sure whether he really wants me to go over, or it is rather wishful thinking “out loud”. So I ignored the text for a while and went about my day, but the thought of being fucked on his office desk again just wouldn’t leave my head. I imagined going there pretending that I was a client of his. I knew it was a risky game, and this time we might not be as lucky as last time. What if someone enters the office? Of course, we would lock the door, but it is really strange. Normally, people don’t lock their office doors while why they are inside. But the urge to experience this special excitement again was really strong. I felt that all my body wants to do this kinky little game again. Without further hesitation I texted him back: “All right, let’s do this again! What time??” He quickly responded: “Do you really want it? Are you in the mood?” Wooouu of course I am! I am ready… sooo ready! 🙂

So I just said: “Yes”. His office is not very far from mine, so it was easy to find an excuse to leave from work. I arrived to the huge building where his office is located and there were a lot more people around this time. My heart was racing, but in the same time I was very excited about this sexy escort mission. I needed to pass by without anyone noticing me and perhaps asking me whom I was about to visit. That would be a catastrophe. I approached the elevators when I saw Derek waving at me from the staircase. So I turned around and followed him to the stairs. That was a much safer way indeed to go up, why I didn’t think about it before? The corridor to his office is very long, and I followed him with some distance. If anyone stopped me, I could still say I am looking for… hmmm… no idea… I had no B plan.

But we were lucky again, and nobody noticed anything. We entered his office and locked the door. What afterwards happened was really fast, mind-blowing and I can hardly recall exactly. We kissed passionately and without getting even completely undressed he just grabbed what he wanted. The next thing I knew was me riding on him in his oversized office chair and having his hands on my boobs. He even tore my panty apart, because he got so excited that he could hardly control himself. I just love that “animal side” of his! We had to be careful and rather silent. That was hard, as I would have loved to scream. But I didn’t.

All in all, if the sexual drive attacks and one has no time to leave the office then one should yield to it anyway. Call up your favourite escort girl or tell your wife/girlfriend to visit you. Everyone deserves a break, some goes out to smoke a cigarette. Others have a “quickie” behind closed doors. I am sure that he worked much more efficient after I left the office. Nobody noticed anything, we did not get in trouble. Once again got lucky… oooppsss we did it again and gained another sexy memory worth to remember! Thanks Derek! xx

Love, Eline