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Sex in the Office

Having sex in forbidden places are much more exciting than doing it at home. The possibility of getting caught makes the whole thing more exciting.

While I was having lunch with a friend of mine I received a text message from Derek. He is a one of the most open minded and experimental person I ever known. Derek has a lively sexual fantasy and he comes up with exciting role games all the time. He often surprises me and I wonder where he gets his kinky ideas from. Nevertheless, having sex with him is really adventurous.

He is not only known for his exciting role games, he is also very open to try out various locations too…mostly public places. LOL I like that he is brave, horny and spontaneous enough to live out his fantasies, certainly not everyone can do it. But this time he came up with the craziest idea of all times.

Hey, have you ever thought about having sex with me in my office?” Said the short and very direct message. First I wasn’t sure if it is only a game or he really wants me to pay him a visit at his office. In office hours!?!?? I replied quickly: “sure, why not!” I was curious about what comes next. “Great! Thursday at 1PM, sharp!” quickly arrived his answer. Well, he was apparently not joking. I confirmed our date and carried on with my day.

Thursday came about and I woke up way too early. I guess I was so nervous and excited in the same time that I couldn’t even sleep. Derek sent me an unusual early message to make sure I was coming that day. I think he was nervous a bit as well, but he just wasn’t gonna back up.

I put on a business like outfit and arrived to the office building on time, as usual. When I entered the building I noticed that there is no porter on charge, so I could go straight to the elevators. I went all the way to the top floor, as I was directed. When I stepped out of the elevator Derek was waiting for me at the end of the corridor. He took my hand and gave me a brief kiss and pulled me gently towards his office.

His office was large and bright thank to the oversized windows. The room  was simply furnished featuring the latest computer and office gadgets. I liked the minimalistic style of his office space. On his large desk was nothing but a few paper and some business related reports. Even though I hadn’t noticed many people we had to be quiet, therefore we did not speak much. Well, after all I wasn’t invited for an afternoon tea.

Derek kissed me passionately and pulled me closer to him so I could feel his already hard penis in his trousers. He pulled my skirt down and started to massage me gently between my legs. The sensation of my wet pussy got him even more excited and he whispered some words of excitement into my ears. Things like “I wanted you the whole morning” and “oh babe, you make mad”. I love to hear those words and they make me feel wanted and desirable. I searched for his hard-on with my hand and started to give him hand job, just the way he likes it. The whole act was so quick and exciting that I cant even recall every detail of it. The next thing I know was me laying on his desk feeling him inside me. We moved faster and faster until the moment of no return arrived. We reached an insane orgasm almost in the same time.

I left his office just as quickly as I arrived. Surprisingly I haven’t seen anybody in the Office building, I thought it was a bit strange. Everything seemed to be aligned  in order for us to have one of the craziest and most exciting sexual experience of my life.

All in all, I think people enjoy doing the forbidden, this must be a “human thing”.  I am sure, Derek and I are not the first pair of people who has “broken the office law” and surely we are not the last either! We live ones, and it would have been a pity to die without having this awesome experience, so I encourage others to live their fantasies…as long as it only breaks the “office law”.

Kisses, Eline