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February 2017

Aphrodisiac Foods That Feed Your Sex Drive

Have you ever thought about boosting your “sexual appetite” with aphrodisiac food? Being a fan of natural remedies I would definitely grab one of the below listed snacks if I needed something to pump up my sex drive. Of course, we all eat these things from every now and then without being horny all the …
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Single and happy: it is possible!

It’s a world of couples and we’re just living in it. The older you get, the more being single becomes something that separates you from other people. We have dozens of apps and websites that exist solely to put us into relationships, apps and websites that seem to scream at us, “Why are you still …
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My first golden shower

This post is a bit unusual and not a typical topic I like to talk about, but I think it is interesting in a way. I am always interested in the out of the ordinary things in life, so let’s give it a go. So I’ll tell you why I write about golden shower this …
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