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Single and happy: it is possible!

It's a world of couples and we're just living in it. The older you get, the more being single becomes something that separates you from other people. We have dozens of apps and websites that exist solely to put us into relationships, apps and websites that seem to scream at us, "Why are you still single?" There are a lot of reasons why you may be single, and all of them totally single. It isn't the fact that you're not in a relationship that matters, it's your happiness that's most important. If you're having a hard time being single, take my advice on how to live your most fulfilling life without an other half.

Have fun
This is critical. Dwelling in misery over your singleness isn't helpful. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself, you should be making the most of being unattached and have as much fun as you can. Go on spontaneous trips, spoil yourself, and make mistakes. Have as much unadulterated fun as you can before you meet your soul mate and become "we" instead of "I."

Discover who you are
Use your time alone to focus on figuring out exactly who you are as a person. Believe me, this doesn't happen over night. But with time by yourself, you'll be better able to try different things and explore different parts of your personality without worrying about your other half. Learn as much as you can, whether it's in school or through teaching yourself. Pick up weird hobbies and meet weirder people. Take risks, big and small, and force yourself outside your comfort zone to figure out what makes you you.

Excel in your career
Not being in a relationship means not having to worry about another person, and that means having much more time to focus on your career. You don't have to worry about scheduling dates around your work schedule, and you never have to worry about being too tired after work to hang out. As a single person, you can put more effort into your career. Bond with your coworkers after work and get on your boss' good side. Work hard to be the best at your job, whatever your job may be.

Foster your relationships
Platonic relationships reign supreme when you're not in a romantic relationship. Now is the time to celebrate your old friends, get to know acquaintances, and meet as many new people as possible. Get your girls together as much as possible for weekly brunch or movie nights. Your friendships are the foundation upon which you build the rest of your life. They're there to support you through the best and the worst that life may throw at you, so make certain your foundation is strong.

Go on solo missions
You don't need anyone with you to travel, go to a concert, or even get lunch. Your adventures in singleness should involve a lot of learning how to do things independently. Learn to love your own company because you're stuck with you for life. Bring a book to a cafe and spend a few hours enjoying a coffee and a few chapters. Stay in hostels when you travel solo so you can make new friends from different countries. You are strong and capable enough to do amazing things without anyone by your side.

Make memories for yourself
If you love your single life, you'll have tons of great memories to cherish for the rest of your life. To love being single is to truly embrace yourself, and you'll look back on these times with fondness. Doing fun and ridiculous things, getting to bond with your friends, making beautiful mistakes, and doing things independently are a surefire way to live a memorable life. Think of all the stories you'll be able to tell your future other half.