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Words of Appreciation

This blog post is slightly different from the usual ones. Today I am not going to search for a sexual content. Today I feel lucky and grateful for my life experiences: for the big ones and for the small ones too. Life is just beautiful if we take a moment to look at it. Nowadays, everyone is running after business, work and making money. But by doing so we simply run through life and die one day. Surely, achieving professional success is important, but by far not the most important task in life. In my opinion, making successful interpersonal relations are way more nourishing than just building a career.

I have recently heard about an ancient Indian prayer, which talks of man's quest for a higher meaning to life and goes like this: 

“Lead me from being to non-being, Lead me from darkness to light,

Lead me from death to immortality.”

This short prayer has touched my heart, because it is so true. We born one day and die later, but the path between these two events will define the immortality of our precious souls. 

I believe that our purpose on Earth is to make ourselves, as well as each other happy and bring joy and enlightenment into our existence. The immortality of my soul lies in the ability of uplifting and enhancing other people’s lives.

Pray daily to find your higher purpose. I am grateful for the individuals who helped me to figure out mine. This is the most precious gift one can possible give me. My highest appreciation and gratitude may go to those who are in my life and in my heart.

I am eternally thankful for the wonderful people whom I met through my website. Honestly, I have never imagined that this channel can bring me so much joy, happiness and precious friendships. But it did, so I guess it all worth it. You, my dear readers are all very special and one of a kind and I adore you all more than you can imagine.


Eline XXX