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Who Can Be a Successful Escort

There is a topic that interests me quite a lot. Namely: who is the ideal person to become an escort model, or who should not try to do this “profession” at all? I follow a few interactive escort blogs ( that means users can add their comments, questions and experiences about the job) and I see constantly that women want to enter this branch and become a service provider themselves. They ask questions on how to get clients and how to launch a website. Often seems to me that they just want to earn quick money and a few expensive gifts. But they forget about all the related work behind the scenes. It is not just about going to fancy dinner dates and get paid fair amount of money for it. As any other business it requires a lot of work such as effective marketing strategy and dedicated customer relation too.

In my opinion, an ideal person for this job isn’t just a pretty face. I have already written about it in an earlier post, but I think it is important to say it once again. A successful escort has an empathetic, kind and loving personality paired with a well groomed and put together look. She does not necessarily a super model type of woman, but she must possess some important personality traits. She must be a good listener and an entertaining person. The ideal escort isn’t just a call girl, but more likely a discrete friend and a devoted “partner in crime” for her customers. After all, clients aren’t just paying for sex, but much more for pleasant companionship especially when it comes to a longer encounter, such as a dinner date or a weekend gateway. 

A professional escort taking her job seriously and dedicating her time and attention to the client during the rendezvous. That means no online chatting with others, no Instagram updates, no scrolling down the Facebook feed etc…generally a rather limited use of cell phone is always a good idea.

Naturally, a favoured escort model is booked often and fortunate enough to have her regular guests, but it does not happen overnight. One really has to earn a loyal clientele and seriously has to work for it. That means she is well informed about the world so she can have a vibrant conversation with her clients. One has to have an uplifting personality and generally a positive mood and outlook to the world. After all, who wants to spend (paid) time with someone who is constantly moody and complaining about everything.

Moreover, a superior escort needs to renew herself from time to time and bring fresh wind into her appearance and services. Without getting into too much details, I can state that I constantly on the search for new ideas and trends in and out of the bedroom. 🙂

Taking all the above into consideration, I believe I am an ideal person to be a successful escort, as I have the right attitude and personality traits required to fulfil the joyous task of being your companion. So if you read my blog or bumped into my website, but you haven’t met me in person yet, then I can assure you: booking me to become your companion for shorter or longer time is probably a good choice!

Hope to see you soon!