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The oldest profession in the media

While I was browsing the net I came across these links on the website of BBC.


I am delighted to see that the oldest profession of mankind does take publicity nowadays too. If you are wondering why men pay for sex, and what is the value and meaning of having prostitutes in society, please take a few minutes and watch/read these recommended links.

I personally believe that working girls are appreciated if they find the right clientele, or in other words their proper audience. Furthermore, people who dislike these women should also learn a bit more about them before judging and/or being nasty to them.

Being a callgirl is more than just going on appointments and having sex with strangers for money. A smart callgirl is more than just a sex toy. At the end of the day, she is a great listener, like a true friend that can be told many secrets, a therapist and even a psychologist. A dedicated escort, like myself has a very complex job. It involves far more than just looks and great sexual skills. I take all my clients very seriously, I keep the information that has been shared during our date and I handle all shared data with respect and high level of confidence. There is a huge competition out there, but I am sure that reliable and quality women will always be searched and treasured by gentlemen.

Some of the men become regulars and even friendships and/or love relationships can be developed overtime. I believe and I firmly know, that we are also helping lonely men to find company, friendship and not just experience sexual pleasure. It might be unimaginable for some people how many singles and shy individuals are out there who gets very little or no affection in life. I believe that all of us have the right and desire to be loved and touched, and everyone should have access to fill these basic human needs.

Furthermore, there are couples too, who can benefit from the work of prostitutes. It helps to refresh their boring or even “non-existing” love life and to learn new tricks and experience new things in bed; in other words: involving working girls in bed can bring back the fire to the relationship and open new horizons for the future sex life.

I hope you will enjoy this short article and video clip about the oldest profession of mankind!

Kisses, Eline