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“A night to remember” by Michael

You might have bumped into my website, looked at the pictures, you might have even gone as far as to read some of the posts on my blog. The visual images might have awaked your curiosity to some extend. But have you ever wondered how it feels like to actually meet me? After our first meeting, I have received the following feedback from Michael. He posted it to the TER (theeroticreview.com) I liked it so much, that I have decided to publish it on my website as well. I have not changed a single word, so you can read his experience/opinion about our meeting in its original way. If you also would like to meet me, please do not hesitate to contact me!



A night to remember

I made a booking with Eline after reading many favourable reviews on her. Due to some personal issues that I was having, I felt like treating myself to a good time. It was not a disappointment - rather, quite the opposite. She gave me the most fantastic and uplifting experience, and for a few hours, seemed to make all my troubles vanish.
We arranged to meet at a tram stop. Since it was cold and I had just got off a long flight, Eline messaged me the exact time that she would be arriving, so that I would not have to wait. I appreciated this courtesy, which set the tone for the rest of the evening. Having booked several weeks in advance, I was very much looking forward to it.

Eline appeared out of the night as a tall vision of blonde loveliness. She was wearing a dainty white cap, and a smart jacket and trousers. Later, I discovered she was also wearing a grey tank top underneath. Most of my subconscious attention was fixated on it while we were talking over dinner. That was tricky, because she also had a lovable and captivating smile which kept me hooked.

We went to a classy restaurant nearby. She seemed to really know her way around Zurich's tourist area and recommended an excellent shared meal. I found it very endearing, how easy and relaxed she was right from the start of our meeting. We had the most amazing conversation. I was taken aback by her breadth of knowledge - we discussed ancient Rome, Greek classics, the global economy and latest developments in European politics. She seems to read a lot on current affairs in her spare time and I was very happy to share some of my thoughts on macroeconomic trends.

The juicy details

Of course, we moved on to other things as the night developed.
I had already become hard at various moments through dinner, and it was no problem getting down to action when we went back to my room. Eline has a stunning body, which she obviously takes care to maintain through a healthy lifestyle. It is probably just a mild exaggeration to say that any man watching her lie down in her lingerie would be naturally and instantly cured of erectile dysfunction, if he were to suffer from this problem. She is beautiful enough for her body to be treated like a holy temple, which any man should feel privileged to be allowed to enter.

Eline's best feature is her face, but everything else is just as eye-catching. I spent a while exploring her with my hands and tongue. That was a good warm-up. No need for any oral on me (although she did provide that as well later).
We had sex in four different positions, if I remember correctly. Eline particularly seems to enjoy missionary and sideways. From her reaction, I think that she came strongly when I was sideways from her. Certainly, I nearly came at two times myself. But I was enjoying myself so much that I fought hard and just about managed to hold back. We changed sides and angles often and I discovered new things about how it feels to share physical intimacy with a truly gorgeous and caring woman. She seemed to genuinely like what I was doing and I found her face radiant as we ground together in a smooth, mutually choreographed movement during missionary. Afterwards, we lay together and I found hugging her a happy and uniquely satisfying sensation, with her long soft hair and delicate skin pressed against my face like a silky golden curtain.

Eline offered a feeling of companionship which made the night unforgettable, and much more than just another high-style GFE. After we were exhausted, and I was 110% satisfied, we lay back and chatted a bit about our lives. She is an earnest and insightful listener and I felt glad for her company amidst my personal turmoil. When I walked her back to the tram stop, I was happy for having taken the initiative to write to her and set up a meeting despite both of us having a busy schedule. She is a very professional service provider who also has a sweet and engaging personality. Strongly recommended for long dates to those seeking a comfortable and easy-going escort. My only regret is that I forgot to kiss her tender hand as I was saying goodbye. I had wanted to kiss it ever since we were in the restaurant, right at the start of that most wonderful encounter.