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New Year, New Beginning

Have you come up with a new year’s resolution as well? Many of us start each and every New Year with either a resolution, such as losing weight, travel more, spend more time with family and friends etc. Or have you made so many times unkept resolutions, that this year you just would not bother?

Some of us evaluate the past 365 days and try to change some things based on the result. Personally, I like new years. They are a great opportunity for me to sum up the past and think about the future. This is a great time for me to plan travels and holidays, add or remove things from “wishboard”, visualize professional and personal success, show gratitude or simply refine my eating and exercise plan. I usually make an appointment at the hair salon and get a new do. Of course I do not opt for radical changes, but just enough to make me feel new and fresh.New Year 2016

I am always very enthusiastic about the upcoming years. It gives me a chance to stick to my plans and reboost my energy level.
It does not really matter what your resolution is, what really matters is your attitude towards it.

Once you established your goal, it is best to plan and outline how to make it happen. For example, if you want to lose weight and get into shape, you should try to make a relevant eating plan and exercise more. Always aim for realistic and doable achievements. This way you will not be disappointed and you will less likely to quit right before the finish line. Trust yourself and know, that you are able to implement the changes into your life until they become your new routine. Did you know that it takes 28 days to establish a new habit? 28 days aren’t that long, right?

Furthermore, you can look for support from others to help you stay on track. There are gyms, support groups, nutritionists, books, magazines and other related literatures; as well as professional and non-professional persons out there. Nowadays with the easy Internet access, it is really uncomplicated to detect a suitable solution.

After careful planning, you must do what you planned. Be strong and loyal to your resolution. It will give you a great amount of self-confidence and sense of accomplishment. Remember that only the beginning is difficult. Once you reorganized your daily life to fit your new plan in, it will be easy and enjoyable to live accordingly. The compliments will flow in, people will be amazed by your new achievement! Isn’t it great? That will give you energy to keep going with your new lifestyle, whatever it might be.

Nevertheless, it is equally important to check whether you are heading to the right direction. If not, it is time to modify your original plan and come up with something new! Do not let yourself be sad or down. It can happen. You are learning something new. Babies fall too, imagine what would happen if they never stood up again! Act upon and make small changes if it is needed!

Lastly, live your life to the fullest and don’t waste a day! We never know how long we are here on planet Earth, so be happy, healthy and grateful for everything you got! Remember, there is always someone who dreams about what you got!!

May my positive and supportive thoughts and warm wishes be with you on your journey! I wish you much love, appreciation and success for 2016!