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Lust Killers – Why we stop having sex and how to start again?

Satisfying and enjoyable sex is essential to keep a love relationship alive. Still, more and more couples stop having intimacy on a regular basis (or even stop altogether).
The hot sexual encounters in a new relationship are indelible. Think back to the best sex you ever had with your current partner. Maybe you ripped her panties off, or you had sex in a stairwell, or she went down on you and you’ll never forget how it felt—or how she felt. There was still an element of the forbidden, and the unpredictability of what you’d do next was off the charts. It was like the movies, except better, because was happening to you. And then … things wind down. The frequency of sex divides itself by two, and then divides itself in half again. Pretty soon, between your stressful jobs, social obligations, and fights about money/the dogs/your in-laws, you’re left with whatever sex you can get. And it isn’t much—your sex life is basically dead. Sound familiar? It should. Because it happens to all of us. But why? And how do we break out of it?
Somehow, it is normal to reduce the amount of sex with time, because nobody can keep up with a “multiple-times-a-day” sex life.
For comparison’s sake, check out these stats: Studies have shown that most couples have sex one to two times a week, and as you age, the number will likely decrease. Relationships that are considered “non-sexual” are couples that have sex fewer than 10 times a year. - See more at: (http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/why-we-stop-having-sex/#sthash.6dgxZefY.dpuf)

One of the major causes for devorce is the lack of sex . Sad as it is, people grow apart and eventually it leads to break up and devorce.
In my opinion, the main reason for giving up on intimicy are: long working hours, increasing stress at work, urge to be perfect and the extended use of mobile phones.
Clearly, working too much is a problem. If you are at work most of your time, then you are not spending too much time with your spouse. Getting home late does not help the situation either. One gets tired and exhausted and the last thing in mind is sex.
Moreover, stress at work is another important lust killing factor. Stress and anxiety generally reduces the mood for sex and intimacy and it often leads to isolation and depression. You should find a way to release stress by doing some sport, find a new hobby or do something you used to like doing before.
Body image plays a great role today’s society. I belive that we are put under preassure to look great, be skinny, have the perfect outfit and hairdo and so on. We are constantly exposed to perfectly retouched models, shiny smiles, and wrinkle-free faces. An ordinary person might feel “ugly” or “undesirealbe” in such an environment. One might be too shy to show off her/his “plus-sized” body, or less-than-perfect figure. A British study recently said that more than half of women avoid sex because they feel fat.
(See more at: http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/why-we-stop-having-sex/2/#sthash.AaiWxMET.dpuf)
The last factor is the extended use of mobile phones. We check emails, facebook, instagram and many other sites all the time. Deadlines must be accomplished, emails must be answered almost immediately. So many of us even bring the little device in bed, which is definetely a lust killer, in my opinion.

Now let’s see a few possible tricks to bring back that sex life into your relationship. Many couples who have led a long-term relationship get bored with each other. They feel that they know each other too well, hence there is nothing left to explore. Maybe try a new hobby, sport or activity that you have never done before. After go and tell your partner about it. This way she will get to know you from another, completely new perspective.
Ladies should get dressed nicely, put on a high heel, even some seducing underwear and turn your partner on! Women often forget to be a “wife” after having a baby. They focus too much on the baby and leave the man alone. This is a huge mistake and can end a relationship fatally.
Do regular date nights, light candles at home. Spend quality time together, turn off your cell phone and do not work for a day. Give your full attention to your partner!
Take a bath together, go for a wellness weekend and cuddle a lot with each other. Try to use toys in bed, play with each other and explore new tricks in bed. There are so many ways to keep the fire going.
Compliment each other often! If you feel that your partner is not satisfield with her body, encourage her and ensure her about your never ending love and affection towards her.

Even if you’ve used all of the tips and tricks in the book, there’s one key aspect to rekindling desire, and it’s probably the toughest thing for any couple to do—especially a couple that hasn’t been having much sex lately: Talk about it! Maybe the problem can be solved almost instantly.

If none of the above seems to be working, then my last advice: book an escort and rediscover your sexuality with her! 🙂