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“Life is too short. Have an affair.”

This is the slogan of a well known online dating service and social networking service, named AshleyMadison. The company is marketed to people who are already in a relationship. The website was launched in 2001.The name of the site was created from two common female first names "Ashley" and "Madison" (According to Wikipedia).

There have been rumours lately, about AshleyMadison plans to float on the London Stock Exchange this year. The company decided London was the best place for an IPO because of Europe’s relaxed approach towards infidelity. If this is not disastrous enough, AshleyMadison also intends to expand pretty much to all over the world.

AshleyMadison is a membership website and service based in Canada, its supposed membership of over 22 million members come from 30 countries, such as Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand; and a vast number of European countries, for instance Switzerland, Germany, Norway, UK, Sweden, Finland just to name a few.

My personal opinion about this whole legal promotion of adultery is rather negative. For a fact, many married people cheat at some point during the marriage, but why should we encourage and give platform for doing that? Sadly, they find a way to do so anyway. This is an immoral activity and adultery should not be promoted and justified by such statements: “The chief executive Noel Biderman says that someone wouldn’t go to Ashley Madison unless they were already planning on having an affair. The website simply means that they won’t cheat with a colleague or close friend. We should see the company as “a safe alternative,” he says. The motto of the company is: “Life is short. Have an affair.” The website offers affair guidelines, with advice on how to cover your tracks.” From this point of view, AshleyMadison poses as some sort of a helping angel, covering the lies of those married people. Why would it be less painful for a spouse to find out that his/her partner is cheating with a stranger as opposed to the best friend or the secretary? Cheating is equally wrong, no matter who the lover is, let it be a stranger or someone from the close social circle.

The activity of the company is immoral and the success of AshleyMadison is rather sad. There is a significant demand for this service, according to the figures: AshleyMadison made $115m (£77m) last year and is worth $1bn (£670m). The company aims to raise $200m (£135m) from an initial public offering (IPO), which it will use to expand internationally. The membership of the site is growing and more and more people will decide to cheat if that is so easy to access. On the other hand, the aimed international growth is not that easy, as some countries refuse AshleyMadison to enter their valuable and moral market. The company announced plans to launch in Singapore in 2014. However, the Singapore's Media Development Authority (MDA) decided, that it will not allow AshleyMadison to operate in Singapore as it promotes adultery and disregards family values.

All in all, cheating and having affairs is not the way to go. I encourage people (including my guests) to rethink their current relationships, and have the courage to change if things are not going to the right direction. Examine the relationship and ask yourself what to do next? If there is slightly chance to save a marriage, let’s do that! We should celebrate and foremost rediscover the faded family values! If the relationship does not offer the benefits, loving atmosphere and support anymore that it used to once upon a time then be brave enough to take a step out of that dysfunctional marriage, and look forward to new excitement and adventures in life! Save the heartbreak and the drama! Wouldn’t it be easier, less stressful as well as more uplifting to lead a morally correct and clean personal life?