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Christmas Gift Exchange – A Sign of Attention and Love

There are only a few days until Christmas and we can tell that it is not necessarily a joyful time for all of us. The holiday season might be an emotional rollercoaster ride for many people.

Christmas supposed to be the celebration of love, kindness and peace towards each other, and yet many of us are stressed and feeling overwhelmed during this period. Many people -sadly- do not even appreciate Christmas and complain about “obligatory shopping” for gifts, extra costs, heavy traffic, impatient sales staff etc.

Even though that this important holiday isn’t about exchanging expensive and extravagant presents, I believe that giving the right gift to each other shows appreciation, fondness and attention. It actually suggests that we listen to the others, care for them and love them.

As a matter of fact, a well thought-out present sends important signs and indicate how we really feel for each other. It is more than just buying some stuff for our friends and family members, because we “have to”: the exchange of presents is a sort of love language and it sends out an important messages to us.

There is nothing worse than buying a completely wrong present, such as giving a bottle of wine to a dry drunk, or buying chocolate candy to someone who is currently on a diet. In  my opinion, it hurts even more than receiving nothing at all. It points out to the fact, that the other person does not know what I would be happy about. There could be a number of reasons for this phenomenon: the other does not listen to me or simply does not care about me really. If we do not even have a gift idea for those in our environment, then it might be the perfect moment to figure out why not. We could do a little self analysis: ask yourself why don’t you have an idea? Do we genuinely listen to people when they talk to us? Are we so into ourselves that we forgot how to be a loving human being? Do we care about ourself so much that we have no consideration whatsoever for others?


Self analysis could be a good way, but it is far not the only one. Keep one thing in mind: everyone has feelings and everyone are longing for love and attention. Especially during the holiday season. Let’s show some affection towards each other! Surrender your loved ones with kindness and surprise them with the right present. Listen to them throughout the entire year, ask them how they really feel, what upsets them and what makes them happy! What are they dreaming about, what are their goals? This might be the greatest gift that you can give them!

As I already mentioned: Christmas is not really about the monetary value of the gifts, but they are definitely significant and a great tool to express love and solicitude for one another.

With this mindset and a joyful holiday spirit I wish you a wonderful, peaceful, fulfilling and love-soaked Christmas celebration now and forever more!

Love, Eline