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A Chance Encounter – An erotic short story by Eline Collins

Finally, the day has arrived! Julie was sitting on the train heading to the countryside to visit her old friend Lisa. She was really looking forward to spending a four-day vacation at Lisa’s spacious and wonderful ranch. Despite the fact she loved her fancy New York City lifestyle she cherished every opportunity to escape from the concrete jungle every now and then. Besides, she really needed to spend some time with her beloved Lisa after her troubled break-up with her husband. The divorce process has really taken its toll on her and she felt hopeless, hurt, disappointed and desperate about her future love life. She was 33 years old and single again, what a pity.

Julie arrived early afternoon and was amazed by the flowers, plants and tidiness of Lisa’s farm. The ranch looked picturesque with all the colourful bushes, vivid roses and beautiful trees. Julie noticed immediately the change since her last visit and complimented her friend’s garden: “Lisa, I love your garden, it looks amazing! Everything is simply perfect and well kept! I always wonder how you can do all this?” Lisa thankfully grinned at her BFF and added hesitantly: “Well...I would not be able to do everything on my own, thank God for Tony!” Julie flashed a curious smile at her and asked: “Tony? Who is Tony? Do you have a new boyfriend that you did not tell me about?” She hugged Lisa’s shoulders and changed her facial impression to a rather huffish one.

Oh no! Of course not! I am still dating Jeff and we are really happy together! Tony is my new gardener. He comes twice a week to deal with the garden. I am very pleased with the work he is doing. Actually, he is coming tomorrow, so you will be able to meet him, but I warn you! He is really hot!” The two women bursted into laughter and hugged each other once again.

Julie woke early the following morning and noticed that Lisa had already left only leaving a short note for her: “Dear, I gotta go pick up a few things for lunch. I will be back by noon! xoxo” Julie frowned her forehead and poured herself a cup of coffee. It was only 7:30AM. She took a shower, got dressed, put on her light make up and went outside to the patio. She noticed that Tony, the gardener had already begun working in the garden. She could not exactly see his face, but she noticed his tall, slender figure, bright shoulders and thick dark hair. She took a few steps towards him and saluted him with a soft “Good morning!”

He turned around and greeted her back. Julie couldn’t believe her eyes. He was indeed very handsome! She smiled at him and felt how her face turns pink and then completely red. He smiled back at her and they introduced themselves to each other and shook hands. The sheer touch of his hand aroused her senses and she noticed how her thoughts began to race. It was like a lightning piercing through her. Apparently, he felt the same way. Tony was like a magnet, his blue eyes and marvellous smile, mellow lips instantly seduced her! She has never experienced such a feeling in her entire life. Julie could not resist him any longer and took a small step towards him and kissed him passionately. He kissed her back and it was like magic, like an explosion! Her knees felt weak and her stomach got filled with tiny butterflies. Tony held her tight in his strong arms and petted her back with his hands. She instinctly opened his trousers and belt and pulled it down. She felt his hard cock in his underwear which she loved. It was perfect. His greedy hands opened her shirt and took off her bra. They lay down on the ground and she sat on his lap while his hands gently massaged her naturally beautiful tits. He sat up and kissed her nipples first gently then a little harder. She moaned loud while rubbing her horny loin against his cock, which was just about ready to explode. He ripped her panty off and put his dick gently into her vagina. Her sigh became even louder, so did his. “Oh oh oh, my God, Gosh.... I’m gonna cum, oh, yes, yes, fuck me, don’t stop fucking me!” With these words they both reached the “point of no return” and came in the same time.

She laid on his chest so she could hear his heavily pounding heart. After a long and passionate kiss they looked deeply into each other’s eyes and they both knew: this was just the beginning of something absolutely great!

An erotic short story written by Eline Collins