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30 Days Sex Challenge – Can we really have so much sex?

I found this pictures on Pinterest and it has raised a few questions in my mind.

Can we really have so much sex?
Does anyone nowadays make love to their partners every day, 30 days in a row?
Or our generation is even too busy for sex?

Without any doubt we live in a fast-speed world and hardly have enough time for anything. Nevertheless, sex is very important to keep a relationship alive and functional.
I like the idea of involving every day something new to our sex life. These tricks might help keeping things interesting and exciting. I suggest that you stay open minded and passionate about sex. Do not let every day struggles take a toll on your sex life.

The most beautiful and treasurable things in life comes for free. Take a moment to kiss and hug. Take a day off, when you can and love yourself enough to give the best possible things for yourself. After all, when you are happy, everyone else around you will be happy too. Love and care about yourself and give time for yourself to enjoy your life, as long as you can.

So look at the picture and pick some ideas for you to try out! And don’t forget to add your personal favorite too!
Which one do you prefer the most? I personally like day 1,2,3,4,5..basically every day :)), but mostly day 21, 24 and 29.

So ladies and gentlemen...the challenge is up, can you do it?

Love, Eline