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Ten facts about me

In this post I wish to share a few -10 to be exact- insider facts about me, just for fun. Don’t expect something serious, it will be a light and fun topic just to give my readers a little “insider information” about me.

Fact #1: I love to drink coffee, a lot of coffee. I am a real junky and I like to take up to five cups of it a day. It might not be too healthy, but everyone needs to have some bad habits, right?

Fact #2: I really enjoy sweets, I have a serious sweet tooth as you could say. There were times in my life when I used to be really “addicted” to sweets and I could eat a lot of them. Thankfully, this is now the past and I learned to control myself. I would still enjoy a piece of chocolate from time to time, but I eat way less than I used to.

Fact #3: 2 leads to 3. Believe it or not, I used to weight over 80 kg a decade ago. With hard work and discipline I shed most of the access fat and lost almost 15 kg within the first year.

Fact #4: I love doing sport, especially jogging and weight lifting. I even completed a course to become a fitness trainer! So yes, I am now a qualified trainer, yeahhhh!! 🙂

Fact #5: One of my hobbies is cooking. I like cooking healthy and tasty foods using fresh and natural ingredients and spices.

Fact #6: I used to be an A student at school and I did a good job at the exams. I prepare a lot for any kind of exam or homework, because I aim for the best possible note...guess you could call me a perfectionist.

Fact #7: My all time favourite movie is “The Notebook”. I watched it a lot of times and I am still not bored with it. The other favourite movie is Pretty Woman. I can’t get enough of it, I know almost the whole text by heart.

Fact #8: My fingernails are always painted. I would never go out without a well done manicure and colourful nails. I guess this is my kind of body art… other people do tattoos and piercing, I do nail art!

Fact #9: I am a cat fan. Cats are great and I love their personalities a lot. I think they are really cool creatures and they are so beautiful. Red cats are my favourite. By the way I also love “red heads”. They are so special and lovely people, maybe because they are pretty rare to spot.

Fact #10: Last but not least, I love ice hockey! This game is so exciting to me! Love to watch live games.

And one bonus: My all time favourite singer is Sade. I could listen to her songs forever.

I hope you had fun reading this short post. Do we share something in common? 🙂 I would love to hear some facts about you!