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FAQ – Some useful informations

What is the best way to get in touch with you?

To request an appointment with me you may call me or email me. Honestly, I prefer emails, this way I will definetely receive your enquiry. You are also welcome to contact me by filling out my contact form on this website.

How early should I contact you before a potentional date?

Please consider that escorting is only a part time activity for me, therefore I appreciate at least a 24-hour-prior notice before our meeting. In case of an international meeting, I need 72-hour-prior notice. Generally, the earlier you book me the better it is.

First Meeting

I always prefer to start out our first date in a public place such a hotel lobby, bar, restaurant or a cozy cafe place. If we mutually like each other, after a drink or two we may proceed to a more private space together. I prefer not to visit you in your home upon our very first time because of safety reasons.

How will I recognize you at our first date?

If you have a special dress code request, then I will arrive according to your wish, which also help you to spot me. Also, we will agree on an exact meeting point, so do not worry, we will find each other.

What if I do not like you?

If for any reason I do not meet your expectations please kindly let me know within the first 10 minutes of our meeting, which will immediately terminate our rendez-vous. In this case, I expect you to pay my travel expenses only. I do not charge any “cancellation fee”.

What if you do not like me?

Do not worry, I will not judge you based on your appearance. I prefer appealing personal qualities to six pack abs. However, I expect you to prepare yourself before our date and come in a well groomed and proper way. Should you fail to do so, I might terminate the rendez-vouz myself.

What about safety and data protection?

My highest priority is safety both yours and mine, preserving each other’s dignity and well-being. Safe and responsible sex is also essential, therefore sexual protection is always used. Discretion and data protection both yours and mine are highly important too. Any personal information or data that you share with me during our rendezvouz stays strictly with me, it will not be handed over to a third party by any means. However, I expect the same sort of respect and descretion from You.

My Gift

My rate is a fixed amount, which I like to call your gift for me. It is not negotiable, and it applies to all my “friends”.

When and how should I give you my gift?

I'd appreciate if you hand me over an unsealed envelop within the first 10 minutes of our meeting. If you do not have an envelope, you may place the exact and previously agreed amount on a table or bed, so it is visible for me. This way that part of the arrangement is done and I will not have to put myself in an inconvenient and unpleasant situation of asking for my gift. Thank you for your understanding!

To cancel an appointment

I kindly ask you to notify me of any cancellation 24 hours before the meeting or as soon as you know that you will not be able to see me.

Presents and small surprises (Never a must)

If you would like to surprise me with a small thoughtful present but you do not know what I would love, then here are a few things on my wishlist. However, I would like you to know, that I am not expecting any additional gifts at all.
I appreciate feminine perfumes, cook books and yoga related literature, small blings (Swarovski), fine dark chocolate, lingerie of your taste, accessories such as belt and handbags and scarfs from Gucci, LV or Michael Kors.