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Erotic Stories

Sex in the Office

Having sex in forbidden places are much more exciting than doing it at home. The possibility of getting caught makes the whole thing more exciting. While I was having lunch with a friend of mine I received a text message from Derek. He is a one of the most open minded and experimental person I …
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A Chance Encounter – An erotic short story by Eline Collins

Finally, the day has arrived! Julie was sitting on the train heading to the countryside to visit her old friend Lisa. She was really looking forward to spending a four-day vacation at Lisa’s spacious and wonderful ranch. Despite the fact she loved her fancy New York City lifestyle she cherished every opportunity to escape from …
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The 10 Reunion – An erotic story

The following short erotic fiction follows high school exes who reconnect at their 10 year high school reunion to find their passion still runs hot. I can totally relate to this story as I have a very very similar one on my own. Read on… “Shitshitshitshitshit. Ok. Don’t worry, just relax,” Amy thought to herself …
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